Earrings for Different Hairstyles

Hairstyles differ and help to enhance beauty. Different hairstyles fit and show different facial expressions such as a bob hairstyle with a long face. There are various hairstyles; having the right earrings will enhance beauty too. It is one thing to use earrings; it is another thing to know which earrings match the hairstyle we do. We can decide to have long hair, short hair, or even have a clean shave.

Will the earring that goes with the short hair also goes with the long hair, or we have to choose otherwise. For you to pick the right earrings, you have to consider the shape of your face first and then the hairstyle. It won’t be wise to combine long, thin earrings with a long face. It will make your face look longer. To check out more earrings, you can read reviews about earrings from Black Bow. We will explore long, short, and bald hairstyles and see which kind of earrings go best with each.

Earrings for long hairstyles

If you have long hair or you like having a long hairstyle, as said earlier, using a long earring will not suit you if you have a long face. But what for long hair? With long hair, you have to use large earrings, not only that, get colorful earrings. This will make it stand out. Not only that, but you also have to pack your hair behind your ear on one side to make it visible. If you happen to wear your hair in buns or pack your hair high, wearing long, colorful earrings will be okay. The earring should help highlight your neck and shoulder line.

You can also choose a pair of studs to go along with the long hair. Remember, don’t hide your earrings with your hair.

Earrings for short hairstyles

For short hairstyles, earring jackets and cuff might be right for you. You can also choose to adopt the same kind of earrings for when you pack your hair or into a bun. Flashy color is not the issue in this case since your ear is exposed and very visible. You can choose an earring with a single color. You can also opt for studs, hoops, and loops; they are perfect for short hairstyles. I’ll say diamond hoops and crystals are excellent choices and will give you that desired outlook.

Earrings for bald hairstyles

If you like to rock the bald hairstyle, then it is good you use the right earring. But with the bald haircut, you can never go wrong because the shape of your face matters here. If you have a long face, don’t use the earring, which will make your face look longer. You can choose any earrings – drop-down earrings, long earrings, studs, hoops – they are all good for you.


While different earrings are meant for various hairstyles and getting the right one to fit your best is paramount. Earrings are determined not only by hairstyles but by the shape of your face. Your face will determine the type of earring you will use, especially if you are rocking a bald hairstyle.

Sound Approaches When Opening a Clothing

Whether you are opening a clothing boutique in a posh hotel or popular shopping mall, or transforming a portion of your home into an apparel and accessories store, you need to adopt sound approaches and plan everything to get your business off the ground and not lose the momentum.

One of the things you need to analyze is the interior design. It is important that you optimize your store space to generate brisk business. You may want to enlist the services of an interior design consultant to help you create an interesting store design that will display merchandise in the most attractive way. The consultant may also help you in your storefront signage and other store design requirements such as lighting, ceiling and wall treatment, flooring, and so on. As a retailer, you need to create a pleasurable shopping ambience for your target customers and capture your return on investment over time. Most clothing store operators adopt a hands-on approach, keep accurate records (with the help of modern tools such as retail management system software), and get suitable personnel to help them run the business, thereby laying a good foundation for business growth.

When opening a clothing boutique, you must be ready with the start-up costs, and invest on essentials such as advertising and marketing prior to, during, and after your boutique launch. With brick-and-mortar and virtual clothing stores popping up everywhere, it is important to present nice fashion ideas and keep customers engaged. To whet consumers’ shopping hunger, see to it that both the actual storefront and company website are riveting enough.

A close scrutiny of thriving global fashion boutiques will show that much attention is placed on value and quality of products. Most global retail brands strive to meet customer expectations. The best fashion boutique operators are actually those who spend much time listening to both salespeople and customers to find out what the current needs are. It pays to get a pulse of the market. If your targeted customers tend to have fast-paced lifestyles, let an expert redesign your store such that coordinated merchandise or ensembles are conveniently found in one place.

Some high-end clothing storeowners even give decision-making authority to store managers in order to spot and respond to problems as they arise, freeing up time to concentrate on creative fashion ideas. An overall sound approach when opening a clothing boutique is to stay in step with the times. Notice how more and more companies are adopting a sophisticated approach to sustainability? Look at your customers’ best interest and adopt eco-friendly measures, from product materials to packaging.

Foolproof Way How to Start a Clothing Boutique

The retail business is hotter than ever. Since production of clothes is cheaper now compared to the figures years ago, more and more people are now finding ways how to start a clothing boutique. Aside from the higher profit margin they can have, suppliers are more accessible and any interested entrepreneur will find it easy to contact a company that can be able to deliver the stocks they require. Despite the economy, consumers are still prepared to spend for good quality clothes as long as the prices are reasonable.

With the number of materials available that can teach how to start a clothing boutique, some persons have realized that aside from being direct consumers, they can also be retailers as well. If you would like to build your own shop just like other budding entrepreneurs, you should learn how to set-up your business while making sure that you would not be pushed off-track by any problems that may come your way. Keep your business safe from any issues with the help of these effective safety measures:

  • Create an initial business plan – Business plans will not just give you an analysis of the market, it will also take note of how you plan to run the clothing boutique in the long run. In most cases, these business plans contain projections and goals; use it as a guide and you will know if you are still on track. On top of that, you can even get to know your target market better. As a result, you will be able to formulate good strategies for your store.
  • Hire the most qualified people – Even in your first year, you would have to hire someone for your boutique. From the lowliest ranks to upper management, you have to make sure that your boutique will be handled by effective people. Aside from having the right qualifications, the most important thing in retail is to get someone passionate about selling.
  • Build a reliable system – The success of your business will not be based on manpower alone. You also have to make sure that you have a secured system. You do not have to have an online operation to use the internet. Use the right programs for tasks like taking inventories, payrolls and bookkeeping as well.

Opening a Clothing Boutique

Owning your own business can be financially rewarding and can give you a level of freedom that many of us would enjoy having. Although there certainly are a lot of different things that you can do whenever you’re starting a business, opening a clothing boutique is something that many people have dreamed about throughout their lifetime. For those of us that enjoy clothing and enjoy being around clothing, it would be a dream come true to open one of these shops and to work with these items on a daily basis.

You might be interested to know that the word boutique is actually French for the word shop. That is truly what a boutique is, even though the word has been used in a variety of different ways in recent years. The real beauty about opening a clothing boutique, however, is that you are going to be having a store that is specific to one item. Although you may be able to offer a variety of different things in the store, having a theme and sticking with that theme is going to go a long way in helping to make you successful.

When many people think about opening a clothing boutique, they consider opening one with only higher end, brand-name items. This certainly is a good idea and depending on the area of the world in which you live, you can be wildly successful by opening one of the shops. The real key, however, is to offer items that are somewhat unique and cannot easily be found in other areas. If you do this, you would be surprised with how the word will get out about what you’re offering and how many people will come to your shop in order to see what you have.

Of course, it never hurts to branch out a little bit and many people that have a clothing boutique not only stick with brand named items but they may actually branch out into designing some of these clothing items themselves. That is the beauty about opening a clothing boutique, you can really take it in any direction that you want it to go. If you find that one particular part of your clothing store is working well, you may want to expand on that idea. Just make sure that you are always experimenting to a certain extent to see if you can’t find something else that would be of interest to your customers.

One of the difficult parts about opening a clothing boutique, unfortunately, is that there is not a lot of information that is available out there to help you whenever you are getting started. There are some courses, however, that will give you some information that is specific to your business. By taking a look at these courses and emulating the success of other clothing boutique owners, you would be surprised with how quickly you will find success yourself. At that point, you will be able to enjoy your business more and to really understand the freedom that owning one of the shops can bring you.

Are You Inspired to Open a Women’s Clothing

Do you find that women’s clothing boutiques outnumber shops for men’s clothing? Indeed, most of the stores for clothing offer women’s apparel. Why? Look around you. It is not that women outnumber men; but it is women who are the most frequent buyers of clothes. So if you plan to put up a business, and has a fashion sense, why not try to open up women’s clothing boutique?

It is not necessary if you are a man, or a woman to put up women’s clothing boutique. All you need to be is a person with determination. If you really are into this business, you need to set your goal. Have a dream and while on the process, do not let yourself be affected with all the problems that might go your way. Success is always on your way if you do not let obstacles bring you down. Have the enthusiasm to work things accordingly to lead you to success. There would be a lot of trials that will come your way. Your knowledge about your business will help you make through. Your skills will be developed progressively as time goes. Every entrepreneur started little. No one succeed without failing even once. You learn through experience. You gain knowledge through your customers. Regardless if you are a male or a female owning women’s clothing boutique, how you run your business is the key to your own success.

After you opened your store, especially that It is concentrated on women’s clothing you will get female customers from different ages. Women’s clothing boutique needs to be creative. Accentuating female’s clothing must always be considered. Women’s clothing is not always plain and simple. Most of the time, it is fun, playful, creative and sexy. You should also learn to cater your women clients needs in terms of their clothes. It will be helpful for you to ask your customer’s specific needs or you could help them find the perfect dress for them. In that way, you promote good service to your clients and surely, they will be coming again in your store. Sometimes you will get surprised if a man enters your shop. Do not push them away by saying that it is a woman’s store. Perhaps, they are looking for a perfect gift for their partners. Just show them your best service like you give with your female clients.

For you to have women’s clothing boutique, dream of having it, plan, be enthusiastic and positive and provide the best customer service that you could offer. These are some of the basics of putting up a business and it will help to make you succeed.

Good Tactics to Use When Opening Clothing

If opening your own dream boutique (maybe not an upscale store that sells haute couture apparel but something you can proudly call your own) has crossed your mind, the first thing you would probably consider is the merchandise mix. Think sexy tops or ensembles exuding class, or nice-fitting denims and outerwear with a fresh, modern look. Opening clothing boutique can be a fun endeavor, if you are armed with business sense balanced with loads of creativity and a positive, go-getting attitude to help you sustain the business. Of course, it all begins with a passion for clothes.

Most individuals consider their clothing boutiques a “labor of love” and put in much time, money, and energy to make their products appealing to customers and to make the business last. Take your cue from the most powerful fashion brands that distinguish themselves by their consistency. They may change or update styles from one season to another yet maintain their own identity or unmistakable appeal.

A designer who has successfully opened a string of clothing boutiques attributes the popularity of her fashion collections to both quality and affordability. Feeling that most designer collections sold by high-end boutiques were exorbitantly priced, she set out to launch her own fashion business with a stamp of quality and style, steadily gaining customers worldwide. There are enterprising individuals who decide on opening clothing boutique on a small scale, and then work their way up to the big time. Timing is another important consideration when venturing into the retail apparel business. It can be a very lucrative business, if the entrepreneur plays his/her cards right. Competition can be really tight, but those who come at the right time and offer products that stand out or satisfy a key requirement (such as fuss-free, hip or stylish-looking outfits plus auxiliary items like shoes that underscore the sexy vibe) can capture a sizable market share.

Useful tips to help you succeed as a clothing boutique owner may be obtained from many possible sources — seasoned entrepreneurs, franchise experts, even stylists of the stars or celebrities themselves whose fashion finds are featured in magazines or online sites. Some of the other tactics that people opening clothing boutique may use, apart from offering the right product mix (and getting them from more than one merchandiser), are ensuring attractive store interiors, and deploying warm and friendly customer service officers and sales staff to help attract and retain customers.

Selling Wholesale Clothes Online

Among the growing fashions in business today is e-commerce. E-commerce involves the purchasing and selling of items or services over electronic methods such as the internet and other computer networks. The amount of business conducted electronically has grown extraordinarily high; this is because of the spread of the internet. Many clothing businesses today are using the internet to introduce and sell their products to consumers. More and more people start their own online trade. In any business popularity means more competition. Due to the increasing popularity of brick and mortar shops for clothes, competition became more aggressive. Modern clothing starts to appear around the globe, making things more difficult for a novice. This is one reason why individuals choose to do business on the web rather than starting a brick and mortar clothing shop. But beyond that, what else can you look for in an online trade, or in this case, clothes shops online.

Here are some reasons why businessmen go to an online shop clothing business instead of brick and mortar shop. In online industries such as stores or online, you may gain a higher profit margin of brick and mortar shops. Unlike the latter, online industries and online clothing shops is not necessarily an intermediary in trade processes. This in turn generates more benefits than bricks and mortar. By eliminating the middlemen, you will have more control over the flow of money. This allows you to get the best deals, and offer more discounts to your buyers. You can make your price tags lower than the brick and mortar clothing store. This, in turn, attracts more buyers to visit your site and purchase their items. Offer your items to a wider market. Unlike the brick and mortar clothing shops, online clothing shops can point your mass market. Using the best internet selling strategies, could give your online business worldwide recognition. The location is no longer needed in an online business. Unlike brick and mortar stores, whose success depends largely on their locations, all clothing online shops need is a website. This can save you time to study on the stock of where to interview and observe the traffic of folks in your area. Creating boutique clothing online is cheaper than purchasing or renting a place to store your garments. If you have knowledge in creating an online trade, then you don’t need to hire a team of web developers. But besides the benefits and advantages you can get to start a clothing store online, there are also drawbacks to start an online business. You have no control over where to sell your items. It could be in any place that is fully unknown to many. Lack of knowledge in e-commerce can leave you vulnerable to hacks and scams.

Tips for Shopping at Online Designer

If you love designer boutique shopping but cannot always find the time to do as much shopping as you planned, online shops may be your answer. Of course, if you live in an area where you have few boutique clothing stores, shopping online may be the most desirable solution for you. Even if you live in a large city, online shopping can be a huge time saver for you to get those items you wants without having to spend an entire day shopping.

When shopping for designer clothing online, you definitely want to make sure that you know the designer well and how the sizing works. In addition, know your sizing so that you can match your size to how the designer runs their sizing. For instance, one designer may have a looser fitting size 10 than another, so you want to keep this in mind when shopping online because you can’t try the clothes on and of course, designer clothes are more expensive.

Moreover, another benefit to online fashion boutiques is it gives you more options than you typically find in the actual store. Online boutiques typically offer more sizes also than you may find on the rack in a boutique, which can save you time as well because if you go to a boutique and they do not have your size, it is then a wasted trip.

Knowing the colors you want is also important. Even though you are seeing the colors online, keep in mind that monitors and the way the photos were taken often are a bit different than the actual color of the product. Therefore, make sure that if you are choosing a shade of green that lighter or darker than what you are seeing on your computer screen will work for you. Often people that shop online want the exact color they see on their monitor, but the color could be off and therefore, they are upset when they receive a darker or light shade.

Make sure before you begin shopping at online fashion boutiques that you understand the shipping fees before you begin shopping because some of them will over-charge for shipping and you do not want to waste precious time shopping and adding things to your cart only to discover that the shipping is simply too high. Moreover, check the return policy, since if an item does not fit, the store will have a return policy and make sure you agree with it before you send off your order.

Online shopping at fashion boutique stores can save you a great deal of time and money when you consider you do not have to spend your entire day going from shop to shop. However, it is important that you understand the stores policies before you place your order, because once they ship the merchandise to you, they will only honor what they have described under their policy as far as returns and refunds.

Calendars As A Marketing Idea For Clothing

Margie’s Active Wear was a boutique clothing store which had been in business for ten years. And any store which has been in business is probably doing a few things right. Of course, the other side of that coin is that any store which has been in business for ten years is probably set in its ways to a certain extent. It may be running on autopilot. The only problem with running on autopilot is that it may be difficult to react to the unexpected. If unforeseen problems come up, there may be no one at the controls to take over and keep things on a steady course.

And that’s exactly what happened at Margie’s. The turmoil in the economy revealed some weaknesses in the controls. Because things had been steady for so long, there hadn’t been much attention paid to marketing. And so regular customers became irregular customers, and many customers stopped coming altogether. When things finally stabilized, Margie realized that she had learned a very important lesson: that it was a very bad idea to sit on one’s laurels and let the autopilot take over.

She decided that she wanted to start to build a marketing program that would be for the long haul. She called a friend to see if he could recommend someone who might have some good ideas, and she was referred to a salesman at a full service printing company which had been in business for many years. He dropped by the next week, and they had a lengthy discussion. He came to the conclusion that Margie ran her business well on an overall basis, but he had to agree that she was taking a bit of a risk by not making more of an effort to create a consistent marketing plan.

Finally, he made his recommendation. He thought that a calendar would be a great starting point for Margie to start promoting the store. In the first place, a calendar was practical. No one threw them away if they could find a place to put it. Secondly, she could put information all over the calendar which would promote her store. Each red letter day in the year – start of various seasons, the time of key sales, and so forth – would be marked on the calendar.

Key to Starting Your Own Clothing Company

Starting your own private label clothing company is not as difficult as you may think. I assure you that the founding members of Volcom, Paul Frank, Hurley and Von Dutch, are not mad geniuses of fashion. You can duplicate their rise to brand stardom provided that you have the following:

1. A decent logo

2. Creative concepts and graphics – Design Talent

3. A unique, blank apparel supplier

4. A decent screen printer

5. A Line Sheet to show potential buyers

6. Sales and promotional talent.

Which do you think is most important? Its obviously design talent you say? Are you Joking? You must be joking. Have you stepped out of the house recently? Have you seen Von Dutch clothing? Crayon weilding Chimpanzes produce better designs. Furthermore, I imagine the monkeys are more sanitary, but I digress.

#6 is clearly the most important element. You can create an entire line of fashion forward, beautiful clothing but if you can’t pitch it – no one will ever see it (excluding your mom of course). So, unless you want a closet full of your fantastic designs, ask yourself the following two questions:

Can I sell?

In other words……can I hit the pavement with my line sheet and walk into every boutique clothing store I can find? Then will I harass the hell out of retail clothing store buyers so that they’ll try to squeeze 5 minutes of time in for me at Magic 06′ (Clothing Convention) ?

Will I be able to make a professional presentation to a Nordstroms buyer?

Can I promote?

Do I have and creative viral or gureilla marketing ideas to get this label kickstarted?

If the answer to both of these questions is No – you better get some help. Namely, find someone passionate for fashion who also happens to be ridiculously outgoing, great on the phone and aggressive as hell. Lastly, (and superficially) it would help if your sales rep is hot.