Display Concepts For Boutiques

When you run a boutique, your displays should always be seen as branding platforms for communicating your store image. Boutiques are heavily judged by consumers on their attention to detail. Shoppers are interested in boutiques because of their uniqueness and their themes. Make sure that your displays are not only functional and eye-catching, but that they also say something about you and how your boutique is special.

Branding your image is as important as what you carry. Your merchandise says a lot about you, but the presentation is just as important. Make sure that you don’t blend in with the competition. If there’s nothing unique about you, then there’s no reason to spend more money, go out of the way, or check out your new inventory. Keep customers interested by rearranging and creating new and exciting displays as often as possible.

Mannequins are very useful when it comes to creating something unique. Not only do they show customers what your clothing looks like when worn, but they offer focal points that draw attention and give personality to your boutique clothing. People identify with mannequins that show them the styles that they like in a setting that they can relate to. Make it interesting by trying not to display a mannequin in a normal, standing position. Put the mannequin into a situation that your customers might identify with.

Using displays that show your clothing face-forward is also very effective. People perceive items as unique and special if there aren’t very many of them, and if they seem to be promoted in some way. Having items crammed together on a normal round clothing rack accomplishes little more than inventory storage. Using display racks that face the clothing out will help you to make each piece seem special in some way. Make sure that the racks are fully stocked, but not over-stocked.

You can use adjustable displays to help you keep it fresh and new. Slatwall panels can be connected together to create displays in oddly-shaped areas, like underneath windows and in corners. They have slatwall accessories such as hanging bars, shelves, and hooks so that you can easily move things around whenever you want.

Installing slatwall in your boutique also helps you to keep the sales floor from becoming crowded, even when you carry a lot of merchandise. You can face many items forward so that the customer can see which items you are promoting.

Creating interesting displays all of the time can take a little imagination. Keep your store’s image in mind, use display systems that are versatile, and keep your customer’s interested year-round.

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